Mindham Fine Jewellery

“I wanted to spread my wings.” Mindham Fine Jewellery Pops Up in Yorkville Village

Photo Courtesy of Myles Mindham.

Every time I go into Myles Mindham‘s Yorkville boutique, I feel like I’m walking onto a cloud. The store is so quiet and so calm. Mindham’s two lovely dogs roam the space, and cabinets of fine and bespoke pieces line the walls. That’s when I remember this is a jewellery establishment, and not a cloud. Having celebrated 25 years in business, Mindham has turned his eye on next steps and Hazelton by Mindham Fine Jewellery is it. The concept shop will pop-up at Yorkville Village and stay open until December 31,. The 650 square foot store will house contemporary, everyday pieces from Mindham that range in price from $300 to $5,000. “Hazelton at Yorkville Village will be a fun, playful moment for new and existing clients,” said Mindham. We spoke with him about this latest project.

When we last met you had produced the Magical Woodland collection which was so fanciful and delicate. What prompted this move towards everyday?

With these new collections, my primary purpose was to put my story out to more people and to allow more people to share in some of the magic. In a sense, I wanted to “spread our wings” into this new jewellery category, meet new clients in a new location.

There are six major collections available at Hazelton but tell me about Hardwear?

‘”Hardwear,” pays homage to how life influences art. While executing a repair using aluminum rivets 25 years ago on a small fishing boat, I inadvertently drew a medieval ring that shared the same features as the simple rivets. Only when I saw the completed band did I have the realization how life unconsciously influences art.

Last I checked you still had a storefront on Hazelton. Why the need to do a pop-up?

We do still have our boutique and atelier on Hazelton Avenue but we wanted to provide a limited time, fun and welcoming boutique that encourages people to walk in and see the kinds of things we do.

Is there any chance this collection could travel to other locations or parts of the country?

Absolutely! Without question.

Where does jewellery fit into the current fashion landscape? Is it booming or harder to justify in times of stress?

Jewellery is about personal adornment and in this sense it’s always desirable. We provide high quality and unique designs, which there is always a demand for.

(Hazelton by Mindham Fine Jewellery is located on the second floor of Yorkville Village, 55 Avenue Rd. in Toronto until December 31, 2017.)