Victoria’s Secret’s New Sexy Illusions Strapless Bra Actually Stays On

I’ve been in pursuit of a strapless bra that doesn’t require me to awkwardly adjust it every 30-seconds for a long, long time. So when Victoria’s Secret asked me to test out their new Sexy Illusions Strapless bra in Miami I was obviously game.

My first line of business as soon as touching down in balmy Miami Beach—home of the Cubano, the late Gianni Versace and, of course, Tony Montana—was heading to the Victoria’s Secret store on the palm tree-dotted Collins Avenue. Here, I was introduced to Allison, the store’s bra fit specialist, who would be walking me through the lingerie brand’s various collections of bras.

Allison ushered me into a fitting room and quickly took some measurements of my bust. She then handed me the stalwart Body by Victoria bra to try on—it was comfy and basic. Next up, the Dream Angels demi, outfitted in delicate lace trimmings. Again, super comfortable. Finally, the reason I came, the new Sexy Illusions Strapless.

“Have you tried any of the bras in the line?” Allison inquired. I responded no, explaining that I was more of a bralette person, foregoing molded cups for lightly-lined numbers. She said I’d really like it and handed me the Sexy Illusions Wireless bra.

The Sexy Illusions line, launched in 2017, prides itself on its smoothing technology and game-changing lightweight material. Since its introduction the range has expanded to include a push-up, a wireless and now the strapless, all rendered in a nylon/polyester/Spandex blend that’s so light it feels like you’re wearing nothing. The Sexy Illusions line is also known for its non-slip band, which provides grip to ensure your bra isn’t sliding off your body.

After trying on the wireless, Allison gave me the strapless to take home and test out. The first thing I noticed was the non-slip grip on the inside of the underwire cups, which left me wondering how nobody had thought of employing this ingenious solution before (!!!). The bra also gave my chest a nice silhouette, thanks to the smoothing band that somehow has the power to keep everything contained. While the bra comes in a total of 11 colours, ranging from a muted violet to a rich tan, I opted for the black. Fun, I know, but old habits die hard. (I also wear a lot of black.)


Ditching Toronto’s dreary winter weather for Miami’s humid air meant I had brought all of my favourite summer dresses with me. The afternoon called for a luncheon at Casa Tua to fete the launch of the brand’s latest fragrance, Bombshell Seduction. I took a floral, wrap-dress I’d been saving for summer out for its inaugural run, complete with my strapless bra on.

Turns out I was seated directly across from model Romee Strijd—the face of the new scent—who was donning a light pink strapless dress and the new bra. Not once, while we chatted about her fave places to eat in New York (Two Hands), what she’s watching on Netflix (Breaking Bad and The Office) and how her BFF back in Holland (where she was born and raised) is having a baby in March, did I see Romee fidget with her bra. And for a two-plus hour lunch, that’s saying a lot.

Later that night I attended an exclusive party to celebrate the new Strapless bra the Faena Hotel’s penthouse suite. Romee, along with Jasmine Tookes and Lais Ribeiro were in attendance, all in various slinky dresses and kimonos from the brand’s spring core collection. I had some time to chat with latter two Angels to ask about their thoughts on the line’s latest addition (which they were also wearing).


“Sometimes when you’re wearing a strapless bra, you think, “I hope this won’t fall down’ but this one doesn’t,” said Lais, who donned the $2-million Fantasy Bra at the 2017 VS Fashion Show in Shanghai. She also pointed out that the bra is practically invisible under clothing, thanks to its seamless material. “My favourite thing about it is the colours,” Jasmine explained. “It’s always so hard to find a bra that matches our skin tone,” she said, motioning to herself and Lais. “So there’s the perfect colour for almost everyone’s skin tone.”

At this point I had been wearing my strapless for approximately 8 hours, and found myself not having that irrepressible urge to pull and tug at it every minute—a pretty incredible feat if you ask me. Turning in for the night I headed back to my hotel room and collapsed on the bed with my laptop, checking through emails and ending up in YouTube rabbit hole… as one does. It wasn’t until about an hour later that I realized I still had my bra on. WHAT?!? Anyone who wears a bra knows that the real test in comfort comes down to whether or not you ditch your bra as soon as you get home. The fact that I completely forgot I was still strapped in makes the VS Sexy Illusions Strapless a winner.