Toronto Fashion Week Spotlight: UNTTLD

Toronto Fashion Week Spotlight: UNTTLD

In celebration of this week’s fashion shows, we asked the designers behind some of Canada’s hottest labels 5 of our most burning questions. Read on for a glimpse into their world.

Designer or design team: José Manuel St-Jacques and Simon Bélanger
Founded: 2011

How would you define your line?
“UNTTLD is a luxury line of clothing that reflects a sense of masculine femininity and timeless elegance, that merges historic references and iconic inspirations.”

Have you had a career turning point yet?
“We believe we would be nothing without our collaborators and each time new partners join our forces we grow closer to our dreams. We are very proud of the moments when we have been recognized by our industry for the excellence of our work.”

What are you looking most forward to about being at TFW?
“We believe that fashion requires a lot of devotion; we think of our fashion shows as taking everyone to church.”

Have you figured out your music for the show yet?
“Christian Pronovost has done all of our soundtracks up to now. It will be a mix of Wagner, New Romantics, Eyeless in Gaza and Clockwork Orange.”

If you could dress anyone, who would it be and why?
“Any villain in any movie, they always have the most style.”

(unttld shows at TFW in Yorkville Village September 6, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.)