Toronto Fashion Week Spotlight: Lucian Matis

Toronto Fashion Week Spotlight: Lucian Matis

Toronto Fashion Week is a three-day festival, happening September 5th through 7th, in Toronto's Yorkville neighbourhood

In celebration of this week’s fashion shows, we asked the designers behind some of Canada’s hottest labels 5 of our most burning questions. Read on for a glimpse into their world.

Line: Lucian Matis
Creative Director: Lucian Matis
Founded: 2007

How would you define your line?
“The Lucian Matis woman is sophisticated and elegant but that doesn’t stop her from being adventurous and bold in her choices. The collection is designed with depth to meet the broad range of tastes and needs she has in her busy life whether it be day wear, evening wear and everything in between.”

Do you have a muse?
“Grace Kelly’s style is timelessly modern. In her day, she pushed boundaries but owned what she wore with class and style. She never looked like she was trying too hard or was told to wear something (or sponsored in this day and age). She is a style icon who continues to be compelling and thought provoking to this day.”

Why do you choose to work in Toronto?
“Despite changes in the industry, Toronto still has a talented, skilled workforce. Manufacturing domestically helps to support the industry and further fosters growth in multiple sectors. It also helps to slow the drain of talent leaving Canada to ‘make it’ in the industry. Further, by overseeing manufacturing we can ensure the quality and integrity of the product we produce and be proud of our pieces. Manufacturing in Canada also helps to reduce our environmental footprint in an industry with a waste problem.”

What music are you listening to these days?
“I tend to have very eclectic taste in music. I like chill, mellow beats like Sevdaliza and The Acid but often find myself turning to classical music for peace and calm.”

What are you looking most forward to about being at TFW?
“September is the best month in Toronto. The vibe of the city is alive with TIFF and the arrival of fall. I think Toronto Fashion Week is perfectly positioned to finally bring the attention the talented designers in Canada deserve and bring together the attendees that can really help them develop and grow.”

(Lucian Matis show is at TFW in Yorkville Village September 5th @ 5:00pm)