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If You Buy One Thing This Week, Make It This Pin

I recently met Hedvig Alexander, the founder of Far + Wide Collective, at a dinner. It’s impossible not to fall under her heady spell of honest-to-goodness-humanitarianism, steadfast social advocacy and disarmingly friendly demeanor. She talks as easily about jewelry design and far flung travel as she does the refugee crisis in Syria.

For her latest project, dubbed The Pin Project which launches this Wednesday on Kickstarter, she has teamed up with Toronto-based jewelry designer Jenny Bird to design a piece of jewelry that artisans in several parts of the world could make, even with the most basic of equipment. According to Bird, “all of the artisans making the pins are refugees, many permanently displaced. The pins give them income opportunities they wouldn’t normally have.”

About the inspiration behind the design, Bird explains, “the simple brass piece is modeled after a kite, a symbol inspired by one father’s commitment to keeping joy alive by making kites for the children in his refugee community.”

With the holidays fast approaching, this pretty piece is a great gift to give or to get. Plus, knowing that you’re wearing a symbol of hope and optimism makes the grey months ahead just a little bit brighter.