The Quirky Girl is the Star of the Coach Pre-Fall 2017 Collection

Being in NYC post-election is a little surreal. A good number of the city’s denizens are still puzzled by the outcome—and most are frustrated with the ongoing traffic-snarling circus around Trump Tower. “Our city is being held hostage,” remarked more than one frustrated cabbie. “We’re also paying a million-plus in security to support this. It’s madness.” This mood was such as contrast to the sepia-toned optimism being celebrated at the Coach Pre-fall 2017 show at Pier 94. The set for the show—which was billed as the final splash-out celebration for the house’s 75th anniversary—was an evocative recreation of a late ‘60s roadside diner and motel, complete with Cutlass and Chrysler rides. Stuart Vevers, the executive creative director for Coach, said the show was a continuation of his celebration of American optimism. “You never know what is going to spark moments of creativity and culture,” he said in response to how the Trump win might influence that can-do attitude. “I think a shift—whether political or whatever—it can have a big impact on creativity.” The British-born Vevers has certainly sparked a revival of the Coach brand since he joined them three years ago. He’s created what he likes to call “approachable luxury” by tapping into America’s iconic sense of individualism to create a collection for the eclectic, free-spirited fashion adventurer.