This Is Why Octavia Spencer Ditched Shapewear At The Golden Globes

Octavia Spencer may not have gone home with an award at last weekend’s Golden Globes for her role in Hidden Figures, but the 46-year-old Oscar-winning actress still had an amazing night, thanks to her outfit choice of the evening: A tailored black tuxedo. During her appearance on Ellen, Spencer said “I chose to wear a tuxedo and in doing that, I was able to be freer.” (To see other Hollywood leading ladies wearing tuxedos on the red carpet click here.)

Ditching the usual red carpet body shapers—Spanx and a corset—was the funny secret behind Spencer’s glowing look. “Less underwear,” she told Ellen DeGeneres, “a lot less underwear.” People thought her joy during the Globes last Sunday was due to the box-office numbers for Hidden Figures, but she clarified this on the show. “I was thinking my feet don’t hurt and I’m not cinched—it was wonderful,” she told DeGeneres. Check out Octavia Spencer’s hilarious recap of her Golden Globes night—undies and all.