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Nicky Hilton Would Rather Be Low-Key Than Famous

The socialite sister launches her second collection for Tolani.

As someone who designed her first handbag at the tender age of 17, Nicky Hilton is no stranger to the field of fashion design. Chick by Nicky Hilton, her clothing line circa 2004 featured embellished jeans, tie-dye boho skirts and graphic t-shirts emblazoned with ‘Billionheir’ — not to mention her sister Paris wore a  “Stop Being Poor” tank top to the launch party.

Hilton has mellowed out considerably since those days, but she never lost her passion for design. Her second collection for Tolani launches today, and its boho vibes bring us right back to those golden days of the early 2000s.

We caught up with the socialite sister about her personal style, the trends she’d like to leave in the past, and that time Khloe Kardashian tried out for The Simple Life.

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Hello, spring.

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On personal style:

From day-to-day, I’m pretty much a skinny jeans, ballet flats and a blazer kind of girl. But in the summer, I live in tunic tops, silk boho dresses, basically anything that is colourful, bright, and comfy. I would say my summer uniform is a Tolani boho top with jean shorts and gladiator sandals and some sort of braided hairdo.


On her sister, Paris:

What Paris has taught me, and what I think is such a beautiful thing to watch is, who cares what other people think? I know a lot of people say that, but she really doesn’t care. She does what she wants. She is not about pleasing other people. She’s very true to herself, and I think that is important.


On her favourite (and least favourite!) early 2000s trends:

The Dior saddle bag, the Fendi baguette. I wish I still had all this stuff, because I had it all! Paris and I got robbed a few times, so I think a lot of it went out that way. I still love the Fendi baguette. I think it’s so iconic and chic. I would love to pass those pieces on to my girls. My tanning bed addiction is something I regret.


On how fame has changed since the early 2000s:

Back then was so cool, because people wore what they wanted to wear. No one was being styled in head-to-toe borrowed samples just to walk across the street to Starbucks. I don’t even think most of these girls got hair and makeup done to go to events! It was a lot more about living on your terms than pleasing other people. Now you don’t get to see people’s individual style, because everyone has stylists. When there’s a trend someone else just does it for them.


On social media:

Back then the more enigma and mystery you had, the more famous you were and the more desirable you were. Today, we live in a society of oversharing. So the more you’re willing to post and share and exploit, the more famous you’ll be. I don’t know. It never stops. Like, is nothing sacred anymore?


On turning down The Simple Life:

[Why did I turn down The Simple Life?] Because I knew it was going to be hit! The concept was hysterical and they pitched me the idea a hundred times. They actually interviewed a lot of people for that part. I remember Paris brought in Khloé Kardashian at one point! But I knew that she would get mega-famous from it and would not be able to go to breakfast, go shopping, or go about her day unbothered. I knew that Paris’ life would change forever when that show aired, and I wasn’t up for that. Not to mention I didn’t want to go live on a farm!