Photography Courtesy of Max Mara

See Max Mara’s Iconic Cube Jacket Reinterpreted by Three Photographers

“A coat can be a safe haven where you can hide yourself or disappear from others,” says Dutch photographer Hellen van Meene, one of three artists tasked with interpreting Max Mara’s Cube jacket on the occasion of the object’s 10th anniversary.

The collection of light down puffer jackets, which comes packed neatly in its own proportional box, launched in 2008.  Since then, it has been referred to as a “cult object” (during an exhibition at the FIT Museum in New York) and been acquired by the Staatlich Museen in Berlin. For its tin anniversary, Max Mara commissioned three high-profile photographers to turn their creative eye towards the Cube’s ingenious design. Max Farago turned the coat’s cubic packaging into a Jenga-like tower; Rinko Kawauchi created photos where the Cube is part of her filmy meditation on nature, and van Meene created a patchwork ball gown out of multiple coats.

Whether it’s an objet d’art or a clothing item worn purely for warmth, its customizability and utilitarian function are definitely worth celebrating.