Photography Courtesy of Dr. Martens

Lazy Oaf x Dr. Martens is a Match Made in Quirky Heaven

If you ever had an “emo” phase, these shoes are for you.

Lazy Oaf, the British streetwear brand known for their cheerful, cartoonish aesthetic – think joyful splotches of colour and rabbit-shaped overalls – has been delighting fans of cutesy clothes since the brand was formed in 2001. Dr. Martens has been providing sturdy footwear to all manner of alternative subcultures for even longer, since 1960. That’s why a new collection that comes as a result of collaboration between the two brands is a match made in quirky heaven.

The collection, which launches globally on June 20th, has just the right mix of sugar and spice. Heart-shaped buckles soften the harshness of a pair of stomping boots, the creeper shoes comes in pink(!), and the sandals bear an adorable heart motif.

Infused with a heavy dosage of early 2000s nostalgia, the mall goth-inspired collection makes me long for the days when all my problems could be solved by listening to Good Charlotte’s “The Young & the Hopeless” album on my Sony Discman.

If you too long for the days when fishnet arm warmers, caked-on eyeliner and jelly bracelets were the height of cool, click through to view the entire collection below.