An Interview With Grace Coddington That Makes Us Love Her Even More

I once took a cramped elevator ride with Grace Coddington while in Paris for fashion week and never forgot it. In a small space with stern-looking editors, I could practically feel her kind energy cutting through the crowd. Being that close to someone I consider a living legend was an unforgettable experience, which is why I’ll be adding her new tome Saving Grace: My Fashion Archive 1968-2016 (which includes both Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue and the upcoming Grace: The American Vogue Years) to my Christmas list.

In the same way that the fiery-haired stylist won everyone over in the documentary The September Issue, Grace’s interview below is charming too, highlighting her quick wit and disarming realness. I love the way she describes picking photos for the book like choosing favourite children. Impossible! At 4oo pages, it’s hard to believe it’s really only a snapshot of her long, storied career.

Watch the clip to hear Grace reflecting on her legacy and what truly makes a picture timeless.