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Happy Birthday Gigi Gorgeous! 8 of the YouTube Sensation’s Best Looks

✨the million dollar dress✨

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Shout out to Gigi Gorgeous, who we’re sending mad love to on this, her 25th birthday. The YouTube star, who spent her B-day amongst friends at Six Flags theme park in California, looked utterly adorable wearing a pair of casual shorts, sneaks, and a Six Flags tee for the occasion.

To celebrate this babe/LBGTQ activist’s big day, we’ve rounded up some of her best Insta-looks and, let’s just say, there’s no shortage of on-point looks.

first try! 🐥

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Gigi posted this celebratory big win with the caption: “first try!” at Six Flags.


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Most recently, Gigi was spotted at Coachella mastering the pink hair tend and bohemian look to match. No caption required.


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Gigi poses in front of a billboard of her documentary titled This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous, that was released in February. But what we’re really digging is the custom Levi’s denim jacket.

I literally couldn’t have screamed louder or clapped harder after listening to the speech @merylstreep gave last night🙌🏼

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The YouTube star looked undeniably classy in this matching emerald pantsuit with fur shawl at the fundraiser for the Human Rights Campaign.

Gigi stunned and left us all speechless while wearing a custom August Getty Atelier dress at her movie premiere. In the photo she captions: “Can I please wear this like everyday?!” We wish you could Gigi!

Celebrating the last day of #TransAwarenessWeek in style🏳️‍🌈

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Gigi rocked this sassy little number during the 2016 AMA’s. All the while celebrating the last day of #TransAwarenessWeek in style.

Marilyn vibes 💋

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We love the serious Marilyn vibes we’re getting here. Dressed down and fresh-faced, Gigi gives us a blast from the past.