Fleur de Villes Floral Mannequin Exhibition

Fleurs de Villes Floral Mannequins are Coming to a Mall Near You

With the temperatures finally reaching double digits, it’s beginning to feel like winter is behind us. And thanks to Fleurs de Villes‘ annual Floral Mannequin Series, it’s now looking a lot like spring.

ICYMI Fleurs de Villes is a Canadian event planning company co-founded by lifestyle and media gurus Karen Marshall Ducommun and Tina Barkley. Their goal is to  showcase their love for all things floral by collaborating with local florists, designers and nurseries to create stunning works of art. After a successful debut in 2016, Fleurs de Villes will be hosting their second annual exhibition.

“The idea of tying in florals and fashion in major shopping centres across the country was an opportunity to create a stop-in-your-tracks engagement moment to literally smell the roses, enjoy these creations and celebrate nature in a different way,” says co-founder Karen Marshall Ducommun.”Fleurs de Villes is a showcase for the most talented florists in the country (over 70 of them this year) to show their technical art and, like us, share their love of flowers with so many. It’s a passion project for us all, shared, loved and sought out by a wide spectrum of people.”

Like last year, florists are bringing their stunning fashion-inspired visions to life with one-of-a-kind designs crafted from hundreds of fresh blooms.

“When we first receive the proposals from the florists, we can only imagine them in our mind’s eye – and we aren’t florists so we have a limited scope of knowledge to draw from,” explains Barkley. “Some send sketches, other concepts, but the visions that are described give us our first window into what the event might look like. This process also allows us to ensure a well-diversified exhibit. However it’s only when the mannequins are delivered during the set up of the show that we can truly appreciate the creative genius of each piece.”

The exhibition will debut at Mayfair Shopping Centre in Victoria in March and will then move to Metropolis at Metrotown in Greater Vancouver (April 5-9), Southgate Centre in Edmonton (April 19-23), Bayshore Centre in Ottawa (May 3-7) and finish off at Mapleview Centre in Burlington (May 10-14). If the showcase is coming to a city near you, we suggest you go and check it out. You know it’ll make a Insta-worthy post.

Flip through the below gallery and get a peek at a few of the Fleurs de Villes blooming masterpieces.