Frank & Oak X NBA Collection

Frank + Oak Drops its Second NBA Collection

It’s safe to say the athleisure trend is here to stay. For the second time, Frank + Oak has teamed up with the NBA to create another line of merch, this time, for playoff season. The Canadian brand knows that fans are after more than just a jersey or a ball cap and have opted for premium basics that the fashionable sports fanatic will want to wear to the game.

Their 9-piece collaboration goes on sale this Wednesday, April 12. Look out for the slick mockneck, tailored white oxford and the button-up jersey done in a heather-grey waffle. The logos are subtle (small crests and tone-on-tone colour palettes) so you can wear your gear beyond the game.

Check out Frank + Oak’s second NBA collection below, it’s a total slam dunk (had to do it).