Elsa Hosk Friendship Day

Elsa Hosk and Her BFF Had the Cutest Reunion in NY for National Friendship Day

I can’t explain why, but I’d always just assumed that the Victoria’s Secret angels are all best friends (they do spend a lot of time together in planes, hotels and fashion show prep sessions). While friendly for sure, the girls also have long time bffs outside of the bra biz. Take Elsa Hosk for example. She met bestie Madison Utendahl at a dinner party five years ago, and the duo has been inseparable ever since.

In honour of National Friendship Day and the launch of a new t-shirt bra, Victoria’s Secret organized a surprise reunion in NY for the longtime pals. We caught up with Elsa and Madison to talk near death experiences, FaceTime and of course, friendship.

Tell us what you love about the NEW T-Shirt Bra?
Elsa: It’s easy to wear under t-shirts, and I love the new styles with the mesh detailing and the different prints. I love that you can wear them sort of like a fashion statement on their own. Like they’re meant to be shown, or they’re perfectly concealed under whatever you’re wearing.

Elsa Hosk Friendship Day
Photography by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Victoria’s Secret

How did you meet your best friend? How long have you been bffs?
Elsa: We met at a dinner in New York City like five years ago, and we had no idea we were going to become such good friends. We just kind of hit it off instantly and Madison is really good at pushing you as a friend. So she has been really important for me in New York.

What makes your relationship work? Are you very similar, or very different?
Elsa: We’re so similar, I feel. We always want to do the same thing, we have the same values, we have the same opinion on things, we laugh at the same things. I think our styles are a bit different, but I really get her and she really gets me, and that’s really cool. It’s effortless.

Well…this happened

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What’s one of your favorite memories together?
Elsa: We survived this really crazy helicopter ride together – that’s a really good memory. We came out of it alive…it was crazy.

What’s one thing she does that always makes you laugh?
Elsa: She’s really good at making jokes and she’s really funny. She makes me laugh all the time, I laugh with her a lot… it’s basically a laugh party every time I see her. She’s just got good jokes. She’s a happy person that just makes you laugh always with her. She’s always smiling, making people laugh, making people feel good and feel happy.

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Have you ever celebrated friendship day? If not, what would be your ideal itinerary together?
Elsa: I really like taking trips together. Madison is really my go-to friend to travel with, because we are so similar in the things, like we always want to chill out, and not engage in all the crazy activities. Or we want to do that. We’re always on the same page basically. I can be a bit particular, and she’s more easy-going, and I feel like it’s a good match. So going a trip with her I think would be awesome on friendship day.

What’s the best piece of advice she’s ever given?
Elsa: I think in general she’s just the best at pushing me, and she’s good in the way that she talks to me about important things, like what’s going on in the world, and what we need to use our platforms to become to inspire other people, and just do good things. She enlightens me on so many issues that I really need to be doing, and she pushes me to shoot for the stars, to go for my biggest dreams, and she really finds what’s best for people. She’s really good at that.
Madison: Wow, this is the most flattering car ride ever!
Elsa: It’s true – you’re the most incredible person ever.

She 🔥

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What do you often shop for together?
Elsa: We don’t really shop together, to be honest! We do other stuff like we talk about how to change the world. But we always comment on each other’s outfits. She has such great style, and I have my own style.

How do you keep in touch?
Elsa: Mostly hangouts! I’m not a phone person, and neither is she, even though when we do call each other it’s really fun because we’re just like “AHHH!” I like to FaceTime with her. I’m so much of an “in-person” person, that it’s either hangouts or FaceTime.