How to Dress for Your Summer Internship

How to dress for your summer internship
Photography via Giphy

Scoring your first internship is like winning the lottery, especially when it’s in fashion. I know when I got the news about my internship with FASHION Magazine, I did a not-so-discrete happy dance during a class lecture. But after that initial bliss wore off, I began to panic as I wondered what I was going to wear!? I had spent the last four years in university rolling out of bed five minutes before a lecture. My uniform had become leggings and a baggy tee. I’ll admit, I probably took the athleisure trend a little too far. But as  school comes to an end (#yay), and summer-intern season kicks into high-gear, it was time to break some of those bad habits.

Check out our slideshow of Internship-Approved outfits below, and score some points with the new boss.