Boots & Hearts Style

Heading to Boots & Hearts? We’ve Got All the Style Inspo You Need

As the summer festival season winds down, we’re gearing up for one last hurrah, scratch that, ho down at country music fave Boots & Hearts. This year’s headliners include Luke Bryan and Keith Urban (fingers crossed for a Nicole Kidman sighting backstage) so you just know that you’ll be on your feet, belting out every song.

If you’re going to a country music festival, you’ve got to dress the part. Cowboy boots are an obvious hit, but when we really started to think about it, we were a little stumped as to how to complete the look. So we turned to the experts (a.k.a. street style mavens) to help us come up with a few outfit ideas that will have us straddling the city girl/country girl vibe. Fringe, suede, double denim and flouncy dresses to the rescue!

Check out 10 of our favourite country-inspired looks below. Ye-haw!