Why You Need to Follow Blake Lively on Instagram During Awards Season

blake lively on instagram

Blake Lively is the living, breathing, real life epitome of #goals. The actress, wife, mother of two, foodie (R.I.P. to her lifestyle brand Preserve) and self-proclaimed comedian is seemingly juggling it all. In fact, we’re pretty sure that 2016 (despite everyone else’s dark recollection of the year) was one of her most successful yet. Not only did her husband, Ryan Reynolds, premiere the long anticipated movie Deadpool, she debuted 2 summer flicks (The Shallows and Café Society) herself.

On the red carpet or at at the Women’s March, Blake Lively’s Instagram account lets us all have a look into her day to day life. If her feed proves anything it’s that despite her celebrity friends and high fashion wardrobe, she’s just as goofy and down to earth as us. If you’re not already drinking the Blake Kool-Aid, here are 8 reasons to click follow.

1.  She posts candid #CoupleGoals shots with handsome hubby @VancityReynolds.

Two Deadpools, one cup. Your turn #💀💩L

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2. She gives her followers a backstage pass to her glam prep for premieres and award ceremonies.

I did not wake up like this. Thank you @rodortega4hair @kristoferbuckle @enamelle @lorealmakeup @lorealhair

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3. She posts with famous friends like Taylor Swift and shoe-designer extraordinaire Christian Louboutin (@LouboutinWorld).

Most handsome man on the carpet as my date. The one and only … Christian Louboutin ❤️💕❤️

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4. Slurping cereal straight from the bowl and side-by-sides with Disney’s Ursula cement the fact that she’s a total ham.

Everyone thinks I was inspired by the princesses. If they only knew…

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5. Her incredible fashion sense! The starlet doesn’t use a stylist and calls in premiere and special event outfits personally.

6. Blake loves food as much as we do and isn’t afraid to eat and Insta.

7. Her hilarious captions and hashtags keep us coming back for more. Could a standup show be far behind?

8. She’s believes in the power of equality and everyone’s voice being heard – the makings of true role model status.