Pink Tartan Spring 2015: Showcasing a ’70s rock n’ roll-inspired collection to the tunes of ZZ Top and Led Zeppelin

Pink Tartan Spring 2015

Pink Tartan Spring 2015
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

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When the strains of ZZ Top’s “La Grange” came pumping over the sound-system, it was clear we were about to meet a new incarnation of the Pink Tartan woman. In place of designer Kimberley Newport-Mimran’s signature 1960s femme was a full-on 1970s rebel, replete with psychedelic prints, fringed vests and the attitude of a girl who’d escaped her Upper East Side enclave for a dolce-vita vacay in Marrakesh, if only for a season.

It should come as no surprise then that Newport-Mimran recently visited Morocco, a country renowned in the fashion lexicon for playing host to Yves Saint Laurent and his beau monde. “I was very inspired by the ‘70s, which is a departure for me because I’m usually a little bit stuck in the ‘60s,” she said backstage after the show. The designer looked every bit the leading Canadian trendsetter in a pair of cool grey Adidas sneakers as she dished on her inspiration. “I love that ease of dressing. It’s not really structured, it’s a little softer,” she said.

The collection opened with a series of all-black looks that married Pink Tartan’s uptown-girl chic with louche luxury. Backless jumpsuits, swimwear and loose, high-waisted pants all in noir branched into smooth ivory and all-over prints accessorized with scarves of all sizes. Blouses with billowy sleeves and loose, high-waisted trousers took over from full skirts and ladylike dresses as the new must-haves for spring. Here’s hoping this new Pink Tartan girl hangs around for awhile. She’s pretty fun.