7 things the Apple Watch did for my life (and 2 things it didn’t)

Apple Watch

I’ve had the Apple Watch for almost a month now and I haven’t made out or cuddled with it yet. It’s my new toy, but not my fifth appendage (that would be my iPhone). However, it’s been pretty sweet to be constantly hanging with wearable tech’s new frontier.

Here, I recount some highlights of my first month with fashion’s It item:

It has made me (more) popular.
Last Friday, a patio party was virtually silenced by “whoa, is that the Apple Watch?” and then halted by an hour of trick sharing (including the favourite, a friend taking control of my phone camera to take pictures of herself)

I pee more.
The activity tracker is by far the most addictive feature of the watch, which essentially forces me to squash various pre-set goals throughout the day. It’s an awesome accompaniment for a bike ride, but what have been most helpful are the hourly reminders to get off my butt at the office. Usually, that’s my cue to fill up my water bottle or use the washroom.

…But I’m not skinnier yet.
Given how intuitive the device is, one would think you’d get a taptic shock while reaching for the fries, but hey, turns out I still have to make those decisions myself.

I feel like Penny from Inspector Gadget
You can actually make calls from the watch, which is both amazingly futuristic and pretty convenient. I’ve called taxis while plucking my brows, which is very chic if I do say so myself.

It may get me a boyfriend.
I guess this is what you call viewing the world through rose-coloured glasses but I’d say my instances of being chatted up at the grocery store/the bar has increased by about 50% since wearing the Apple Watch.

It hasn’t helped me shop, yet.
The simpler the app, the better it is for Apple Watch. So while Uber and Instagram prove seamless, ones from Asos and Zara still render fairly useless, beyond a quick flip through teeny shopping images.

I have my own personal Amy Schumer
Siri has gotten even more Her-like in the last couple of years, and she’s got an ace answer for pretty much everything. In case you were wondering, her favourite song is “Only Time,” by Enya.

It’s made me even more obsessed with my my mom.
If there were an award for most photogenic app, Bitmoji would win hands down. My mom’s messages are amazing, especially while I’m at the office. Can you even?

I’ve become BFFs with almost-celebs
See here.