Your guide to 10 weird Asian beauty ingredients (like horse oil…?)

Vegans and vegetarian (or those who can’t stomach animal made products), we suggest you not read any further because today we’re decoding some of the weirdest beauty ingredients found in our favourite Asian beauty products.

Ever since South Korea put snail mucus on the map a few years ago, the beauty world has been fascinated by unique beauty ingredients. Needless to say, it opened the floodgates to other questionable ones (placenta, anyone?). But with more and more products boasting questionable ingredients, you’re not the only one getting confused as to what ingredient targets what. And then wondering whether it’s just a gimmick or smart marketing strategy.

To help us out, we tapped two leading Korean beauty experts, Charlotte Cho (of Sokoglam) and Alicia Yoon (of Peach & Lily), to help us understand 10 of the weirdest Asian beauty ingredients on the market right now, from pig collagen to “snake” venom.