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This Week’s Need-to-Know Beauty News

A bewildering skincare "tutorial" from Millie Bobby Brown, a new vegan skincare line from Avon, a free 24-hour salon from Revlon, and more news you need

Millie Bobby Brown is the Latest Celebrity to Bewilder Fans in Skincare Tutorial

Earlier this month, the skincare community was up in arms over a video posted by Harper’s Bazaar featuring Bella Thorne as she walked viewers through her nightly skincare routine—in which, notably, the actress applied an acidic and abrasive mixture of lemon juice, sugar and olive oil to her face. Ouch. This week, the skincare world turned its dubious gaze to Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown, after a tutorial was posted on YouTube by Florence by Mills, the new skincare line fronted by the actress. Many things about Brown’s quote-unquote-tutorial should cause viewers with even a basic modicum of skincare knowledge to scratch their heads: first, Brown has eyeliner on and thoroughly in tact throughout the entire clip. Second, and even more bewildering, is this order of product use: a face mist, followed by a scrub to remove makeup (“I do still feel some of the makeup on and I know this will fix it”), followed by a face wash, followed by a moisturizer. Millie, just why? Skeptical viewers have also suggested that Brown doesn’t actually use any product throughout the video, instead going through the hand motions and giving it her best performance. If anything, it’s the only saving grace of this lesson in how not to care for your face.

Avon Unveils New Vegan Skincare Line

Best-known for their multi-level marketing structure, Avon is the latest beauty brand to rebrand for the clean-and-green-hungry millennial market by going vegan. The Distillery will launch with nine products, including an overnight mask, a facial oil and a cleanser, and will hover around the $30 price point.  “There’s an increasing number of well-informed and socially conscious customers who have a huge amount of choice,” Avon’s Gina Ghura, director of the brand’s future innovation team, told WWD in an interview. “Distillery comes after years of scientific research so customers still get the performance they require knowing we’ve been respectful about ingredients.” The products will also come in smaller, more concentrated formats, supposedly to reduce the line’s carbon footprint, in addition to being packaged in recycled glass. According to Ghura, Avon’s “goal for Distillery is to be 100 percent recyclable by 2025.”

Revlon and Adwoa Aboah Are Opening a Free Salon for 24 Hours 

Londoners, mark your calendars: there’s a free beauty salon set to open in Fitzrovia at the end of the month. Revlon and Adwoa Aboah are behind the project, which will aim to spread the word on the brand’s popular ColorStay 24HR Longwear Foundation. All treatments—blow-outs, manicures, pedicures, makeup applications—at the salon will be free of charge and will also come with a complimentary foundation for every guest. The salon will open its doors at 7am on Thursday, September 19th and will close for good at 7am on Friday, September 20th, operating out of Noho Studios.

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LVMH Recherche Announces Research Partnership Between Dior and Kyoto University

This week, LVMH’s research arm announced an exciting new scientific partnership between Dior and Kyoto University’s Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA). The project will focus on the advancement of research on skin metabolism—the rate at which skin cells turn over and self-exfoliate, essentially—or, in technical terms, how “oxidative metabolism affects skinkeratinocyte self-renewal or differentiation capabilities.” The laboratory’s efforts will be overseen by Associate Professor Knut Woljen, with the centre providing “cells from healthy elderly donors and expertise in genome editing” to Dior’s scientists, marking the first partnership of its kind for the university. It’s a natural fit for Dior, a skincare brand with a two-decade-long history of stem cell research.