Photography courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics

This Week’s Need-to-Know Beauty News

Laser facials at Benefit, search engine algorithms at Pantene and one notable nose job reveal.

Benefit Gets Into the Laser Facial Game

The makeup brand is expanding from what they know best: brows, blush and bronzer. With a soft launch in San Francisco this month and plans to roll out more locations throughout 2019 and 2020, Benefit’s first foray into skin treatments consists of a 20-30 minute laser facial that targets redness, hyperpigmentation and collagen production. Dubbed BenefitSkin, the procedure costs under $100 and requires zero downtime—meaning customers could pop-in for some light lunch hour lasering, if they are so inclined. The company is banking on a younger demographic of shoppers seeking out stepped-up skincare products and treatments. “Clients today don’t wait until they are at a certain age to use a superpower cream or a service,” Benefit’s senior vice president of global services, Sigrun Graeff, told WWD.

People Are Not Happy About Bubblewrap, Glossier’s Latest Launch

Between uproar over their super-non-biodegradable glitter and non-recyclable packaging—despite some seriously creative counter-efforts—Glossier has been taking some [well-deserved] heat lately. Their most recent skincare launch, an eye and lip cream named Bubblewrap (after the same signature pink pouch that has environmentally-conscious critics up in arms), is raising some well-groomed eyebrows. “Glossier says Bubblewrap is a ‘fast-absorbing, water-in-oil emulsion’ that ‘starts as a rich cream, then breaks down into a light-as-silk texture.’ Which, really, is just so clever,” journalist Jessica L. Yarbrough writes sarcastically in a post on Medium. “Get it? Because bubble wrap itself doesn’t break down?” The brand has been relatively silent in response to the backlash up until this week: on Monday, Glossier replied to a comment on Instagram regarding the brand’s recycling efforts, announcing that they will indeed be stepping up their sustainability efforts and making items like the pink bubble wrap pouch optional add-ons at checkout.

Photo via Dazed Digital

Jen Atkin Shares Before-and-After of Her Nose Job on Instagram

Balking the standard Hollywood practice of deny, deny, deny when it comes to plastic surgery, and specifically rhinoplasties—looking at you, Bella Hadid—hairstylist and Ouai founder Jen Atkin shared a before and after of her nose job with followers on Instagram. (It’s not the first time she’s admitted to having the work done, having done so in a birthday shoutout to Nicole Richie a few years ago.). The work, done by Dr. Raj Kanodia, shows a notable reduction in size and a shaved down dorsal hump. Despite some less-than-nice responses in the comments—Atkin is owning it. And hopefully focusing on the kinder feedback: “Always a goddess ✨🙌🏽,” wrote Jessica Alba. Agreed.

Pantene Launches Campaign to Give Greater Gender Equity in Search Engine Results

On Tuesday, Pantene announced a new campaign called the Search Engine Humanizer, or S.H.E., aimed at levelling the search engine playing field game in favour of gender equality. Taking the form of a Chrome extension tool, S.H.E. is based on a “unique algorithm that is designed to produce less biased and more balanced results,” giving women a more equalized opportunity and greater visibility. The effort is part one of Pantene’s “Power to Transform” campaign to empower women, starting with the search engines we use every day. “As a leading brand for women, we see the accomplishments and transformations women achieve daily, but the reality is in some ways female-led transformations are not visible,” Ilaria Resta, Procter & Gamble’s Vice President of Hair Care for North America, said in a statement. “In fact, some of the most accomplished women aren’t even visible in something we do over 3.5 billion times per day: Search. That’s exactly why we created S.H.E. – Search Human Equalizer.” The extension is available now for download.

Photo courtesy of Pantene