This Week’s Need-to-Know Beauty News

Including cruelty-free in-flight amenities at WestJet, a plastic-fighting initiative from The Body Shop, backlash over a male makeup line's toxic masculinity and one anti-aging skincare line made from actual spider silk.

WestJet Is Getting Some Fancy New Cruelty-Free In-Flight Amenities

WestJet announced a new partnership this week with two Canadian brands, vegan leather-makers Mat & Nat and organic skincare line Province Apothecary, for a brand new cruelty-free amenity kit now available to all business class passengers flying on WestJet’s Boeing 787 Dreamliners. The vegan leather Mat & Nat cases will contain travel-sized versions of popular Province Apothecary products, including a 10ml hand and body lotion, a refreshing towelette with bergamot, lavender and frankincense, their Repairing + Conditioning Lip Balm and an eye mask—plus your requisite in-flight socks and ear plugs.

The Body Shop Just Announced a New Initiative to Fight Plastic Pollution

The Body Shop has been on top of their recycling game this year. In addition to a recent partnership with recycling giant TerraCycle, the British brand just announced a new grassroots approach to fighting plastic pollution, focusing on the people who work to sort waste on a daily basis: waste pickers. In a collaborative effort with Plastics for Change, The Body Shop’s Community Trade Recycled Plastic initiative will support waste pickers in Bengaluru, India by offering fair and consistent wages and sanitary working conditions, with a commitment to buy 250 tonnes of plastic in the first year. The program will benefit up to 2,500 workers, and their work product will in turn be used in the packaging of 60ml, 250ml and 750ml bottles, amounting to a grand total of 580 tonnes of new plastic saved yearly.

There’s a New Skincare Line Using Spider Silk for Anti-Aging

Arachnophobics, beware: trigger warning ahead. Luxury skincare line Genetica is touting the benefits of real spider silk to reduce the signs of aging and keep skin hydrated, with technology borrowed from biotech company Spidey Tek. “Our process produces spider silk proteins as nanoparticles,” Spidey Tek Chief Science Offering Dr. Randy Lewis said in a statement. “Due to their incredibly small size, these particles are able to penetrate pores, skin lines and cracks much better than other face creams.” The line is also natural, biodegradable and, according to the company, vegan—though actual vegans may have something to say about that—making it a biodegradable alternative to micro-plastics in exfoliators. We just never want to see the inside of their lab.

Male-Only Makeup Brand War Paint Is Facing Some Major Backlash

Do men need their own separate lines of makeup? Maybe. Do they also need hyper-masculine marketing materials to go with it? Twitter thinks not. Made-for-men makeup line War Paint is facing a wave of criticism for a recent ad campaign they put out, featuring a heavily tattooed, highly muscular man dabbing product from a small black jar onto his skin. The clip doesn’t actually show what product is in the pot—the brand sells concealer, tinted moisturizer, foundation, anti-shine powder, bronzer and makeup tools—but does feature a very necessary close-up of a skull ring.