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Photograph by KARIM JAAFAR/AFP/Getty Images

This Week’s Need-to-Know Beauty News

This is what had people talking this week.

Victoria Beckham Eats Three or Four Avocados a Day to Keep Her Skin Healthy

In a recent interview with the Telegraph, on the heels of the launch of her new skincare line, Victoria Beckham has revealed her secret to glowing skin—and it’s a calorific one. Beckham told the UK newspaper that she consumes three to four avocados every day to get the right balance of healthy fats. “It’s not about wanting to look younger,” says Beckham, who also references how times have changed since the ’80s and ’90s. “We didn’t have a clue. It was all about low fat and high sugar. When 
I was thirsty I reached for Diet Coke. Water? Don’t think I drank any for years.”

Demi Moore’s Daily Skincare Routine Involves Three Different Moisturizers

Harper’s Bazaar’s regular “Go to Bed With Me” feature is fast becoming the ultimate destination to marvel at the bizarre, the enlightening, and the often extensive skincare practices of celebrities. The latest big name to film her nightly ritual of slathering various potions on her skin? Demi Moore, who, as it turns out, moisturizes with not one, not two, but with three different creams and lotions. Also noteworthy is the fact that her routine clocks in at over $1400 worth of products. “My skincare routine is generally less is more,” says Moore at the outset of the video. If you say so, Demi!

L’Oréal Announces Winners of Annual Women in Digital Next Generation Awards

This week, three startup founders were awarded grants of $25,000 from L’Oréal, as the winners of the cosmetics giant’s annual Women in Digital NEXT Generation Awards. This year’s honourees include Mandi Nyambi and Lanya Olmsted, founders of online beauty community Baalm, Alyssa Min and Sunny Kim, co-founders of product discovery platform Seknd, and Lisha Li of Rosebud AI. The 2019 winners were picked from over 450 nominations. “Narrowing this down was a tremendous challenge for our teams and judges, as we saw so many innovative early-stage companies founded by women whom I expect will all have an impact on the future of this industry,” Rachel Weiss, VP of strategic growth and open innovation at L’Oréal USA, said in a statement. “Although the landscape has changed quite a bit in the past seven years, we know there are still challenges for female founders.”–