universal anti-aging product
Photography by Carlos + Alyse. Hair by Cia Mandarello. Makeup by Simone Otis. On Tara: top, $550, Smythe at Nordstrom. On Liv: Bodysuit, $40, H&m.

Is There Such a Thing as a Universal Anti-Aging Product? We Had 3 Influencers Find Out

We asked three beauty influencers to take the 8-Day Biotherm Life Plankton Elixir Challenge. Was their skin renewed?

Newborn skin in just eight days. That’s a beauty siren call few can resist. As the name suggests, the anti-aging powerhouse ingredient in this youthful serum is a plankton found in the natural springs in the Pyrenees mountains. It contains 35 nutrients, proteins, vitamins and amino acids that revive the skin. The serum also contains vitamin C and two types of hyaluronic acid that leave skin feeling moisturized, smoother and firmer. Our three influencers all have different complexion goals, but this serum is designed to work on all skin types with visible results in only eight days.

Tara Leigh Rose

Age 26

My Skin: “I’ve always been obsessed with skincare. In the winter I get dry patches, and during the summer my T-zone gets oily. My goal is to have glowy, hydrated skin and an even complexion.”

Day 1: “The texture is like a serum. It’s light and is absorbed quickly. I also love that the scent is subtle and fresh.”

Day 4: “My skin definitely feels more hydrated, and even though I’ve been outside and exposed to downtown pollution, I’m noticing that my skin has a more even complexion.”

Day 8: “After eight days, I’m so surprised by the results. Overall, I have soft, plump skin. It looks glowy, and I don’t feel any tightness because it’s so hydrated now.”

Liv Judd

Age 41

My Skin: “It’s typically dry to normal, and I have a lot of pigmentation. I have melasma on my forehead thanks to my children and hormones! My goal is to have skin that looks more youthful and is plump, hydrated and glowing. Oh, and less pigmentation!”

Day 1: “When I first try a product, I usually focus on its texture and scent. I love that this is lightweight and not sticky. The scent is soft and pleasant.”

Day 4: “The instant change to my skin’s texture is such a surprise. It feels smooth, soft and almost pillowy.”

Day 8: “I haven’t noticed less pigmentation, but I’ve been in Palm Springs, Calif., and the heat normally aggravates it, but that’s not the case; I think the product has kept it at bay. Overall, my skin is happy. I know that it sounds corny, but it’s true. It looks healthier—it’s glowing and feels insanely soft, like silk. I keep touching it to double check.”

Allysha Yung


My Skin: “I have combination skin, so I have oily and dry patches, especially around my nose. My pores are quite visible, and there’s redness on my cheeks and T-zone. My goal is to reduce redness, smooth out my pores and hydrate my skin.”

Day 1: “I love the texture; it’s really cooling. I’ve only used it once, but I think my skin is already glowing.”

Day 4: “I’m only halfway through the challenge, and I’m already noticing changes. My skin looks super-hydrated, my pores have smoothed out and my skin is less red.”

Day 8: “My skin is a lot brighter and radiant. I’m really happy with the results. The dry patches under my nose have vanished. I’m shocked that the dark spots on my face have significantly faded.”