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Photography via Instagram/ashleybluedef

Dear Beauty Vloggers, Please Stop Using Tampons and Condoms to Put on Makeup

Enough is enough.

OK look, we’re all for budget-friendly beauty hacks. Using a credit card to draw the perfect cat eye? Clever. Reviving your clumpy mascara with contact lens solution? All for it.

But we draw the line when it comes to using things that are typically meant to be inserted into our vaginas to apply our makeup.

First, there was the whole condom-over-Beauty Blender fiasco that swept the beauty world. And now, one beauty vlogger is using a TAMPON instead of a traditional makeup sponge to apply her foundation.

The vlogger in question is Ashley Blue DeFrancesco, a Los Angeles-based YouTuber and Instagrammer. A few days ago, she posted a video to her feed in which she casually removes a tampon from its plastic applicator, squeezes some foundation onto it, then proceeds to use the feminine hygiene product to apply and blend her makeup onto her face.

Tampon or beauty blender YOU DECIDE 😂 lol I think we know what we like more. Laugh at this!

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Here’s the thing: yes, we realize Ashley’s video is meant to be funny (a quick look at her feed and you’ll see other “controversial” and unconventional beauty videos), but using a tampon to put on your makeup is just, well, dumb. As Popsugar notes, tampons are meant to absorb product, which is the exact opposite of what a Beauty Blender is meant to do. Sure the cult-fave sponge will set you back $28, but in the long run, you’ll save money by wasting less product.

And by the looks of it, we’re not the only ones who are fed up with these crazy beauty hacks.

So please, beauty vloggers, stop the madness. (And stop wasting your tampons and condoms.)