These Are the Most Popular Lipstick Shades Around the World

July 29th is #NationalLipstickDay and we’re celebrating by bringing you the best of the best when it comes to our favourite lipstick shades, tips, tricks and trends.

London’s Heathrow Airport recently launched the International Lipstick Colours of the Year report “to reveal the lipstick shades people are wearing across the world” according to Heathrow Retail Director, Jonathan Coen. The first report of its kind, this list gives insight into the current lip trends among 50 different stylish destinations.

Lipstick is a girl’s go-to beauty tool to immediately elevate a look with minimal effort, and now we can see what shades women halfway across the globe are turning to. You may feel like a born-and-raised Montrealer, but that lip shade you love so much says your beauty spirit animal lives in sunny Johannesburg.

New Yorker’s go to lip colour is Classic Red (no real surprise there), London’s is Caramel Nude (we give credit to Kate Moss for that), while ladies in Shanghai prefer a Sheer Coral and Montreal women (the only Canadian city to make the list) opt for a Tea Rose. Maybe we’ll feel a little Parisian tomorrow and apply a Dusky Rose shade. Check out the whole list below. If you can’t jet-set around the world, you can at least do so on your lips.

Where does your lipstick choice live? Click here for the full list.