Laneige’s Revolutionary New Product Lets You Tone and Moisturize Your Skin in One Simple Step

Pour, pat and go. Perfect skin really can be that easy.

There is a lot of pressure placed upon modern women. In our pursuit of a perfect life, we’re tasked with climbing the career ladder, maintaining healthy relationships, sharing photos with followers from around the globe and when we’re ready, raising a family. Then, on top of these hallmarks of success, we’re expected to make time for candlelit baths, meditation classes and fine-line reducing facemasks.

We’re juggling a lot of balls as we strive towards the pedestal of perceived perfection. As the stress to achieve ultimate life balance has intensified, we often turn to the top-shelves of our bathrooms, where dozens of skincare products promise just a small piece of the perfection we seek. In our fast-paced lives, skincare routines feel like something we can take control of; that lineup of jars and bottles are a security blanket, of sorts.

However, smooth and dewy skin—the kind that’s reminiscent of a glowing Instagram filter—can be an overwhelming endeavour. It requires extensive research, significant funds and a whole lot of time. The days of simple cleansing and moisturizing are over: we’re told balms, serums, toners, acids and oils are all essential steps. Then, you need to make sure you’re using the right product for your skin type, and that you’re swiping, slathering and patting the correct products together in the right order.

Skincare can be soothing, but it can also be time consuming. Multipurpose products are one way you can simplify your routine without sacrificing results. When you combine the properties of two products in one bottle, you clear up space in your bathroom, in your schedule and in your wallet. You’re multitasking in every other area of your life, and now, skincare is starting to catch up.

Laneige, the cult-favourite Korean-brand famous for their ultra-hydrating products, has made it their mission to create innovative yet uncomplicated skincare. Their latest product is a testament to this commitment: it took 19-years of research to develop and is the first 2-in-1 technology of its kind. Cream Skin, a toner and moisturizer hybrid, combines the softening and absorption powers of a toner with the hydration and protection benefits of your favourite moisturizer. Using their Cream Blending Technology, Laneige uses a high pressure blending process to break down cream into nano units, immersing it into a toner without causing separation. The result is intense moisture delivered in a light texture that your skincare shelf has never seen before. And, more importantly, deep hydration and fast absorption that your complexion will thank you for.

You already know your skin needs moisturizer, and chances are, you already understand why. Moisturizer soothes dryness, prevents wrinkles and creates brighter, more balanced complexion. A good moisturizer strengthens your skin barrier and locks in hydration and other effective skincare ingredients. Without it, you lose an important layer of protection, and your skin may become dehydrated, flaky and dull.

Toner is a skincare step that fewer people are familiar with. Many of those who are swabbing their face with a toner-soaked cotton ball each evening aren’t entirely sure what it does. When you were a pimple-prone teen, there’s a chance that the three-step skincare routine you ordered from an infomercial included a toner. Those toners contain alcohol that kill acne-causing bacteria, but they also strip skin of its moisture. The toners made popular by the K-beauty industry serve different purposes: soften after cleansing, balance your PH levels, provide hydration and prep skin for the following steps of skincare. It’s a key product on the road to that ultimate skin glow.

Laneige Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer ($43, Sephora)

The moisture-boosting ingredients found in K-beauty toners vary. Laneige’s Cream Skin uses green tea, a heritage ingredient of their parent company, AMOREPACIFIC, that is grown and managed on their green tea fields in Jeju Island. It’s what they do with this green tea, however, that’s particularly special. The green tea used in Cream Skin is actually white: it’s grown under complete shade, is shielded from light to encourage more amino acids and is harvested only once a year. The tea is then extracted using a Dutch cold brewing technique to ensure a high concentration of amino acids. The end result is an amino acid-rich White Leaf Tea Water that strengthens the skin barrier and encourages deep hydration. It’s also important to note what isn’t in Cream Skin: the product is fragrance free and is formulated without parabens, phthalates, PEG-based surfactants, synthetic pigments, animal-derived ingredients and triethanolamine.

Cream Skin’s unique 2-in-1 product is a multitasking formula that really knows how to multitask. You can simply pour, pat and go for easy application. You can also take Cream Skin on the road as a mist (spray for a boost of hydration whenever skin feels dry, before or after makeup application, for added moisture and glow), or turn it into an ultra-luxe express sheet mask (wet cotton pads product, leave on for two minutes and pat in remaining Cream Skin until absorbed). At $43.00, it’s the simple and effective product that will streamline your nighttime and morning routines. Life is already complicated enough, your skincare doesn’t have to be.