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Photograph courtesy of YouTube/Kylie Cosmetics

9 Things We Learned From Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian West’s Makeup Tutorial

Including more context around that viral 'rise and shine' moment...

Kylie Jenner already has makeup mogul, reality TV star, fashion designer and billionaire on her CV – and now she’s adding makeup artist to her impressive list of skills and accolades.

The founder of Kylie Cosmetics released a video this week of her doing big sister Kim Kardashian West’s makeup, and honestly, Kim looks good at the end of the clip. Throughout the 11-minute long video, the pair answered questions asked of them by followers on Twitter. Here are nine things we learned from watching the tutorial:

Kylie uses brown mascara on her bottom lashes

OK so this is actually genius and we’re wondering how we’ve never thought of this before. Handing Kim Dior’s Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara, Jenner explained that she uses the brown shade specifically on her lower lashes. “You use the curled part, it shapes to your situation,” she says, noting that it gives the bottom lashes a less intense finish than when using black mascara. “What an interesting trick,” Kardashian West says of the tip from her younger sister. We suspect a Kylie Cosmetics mascara line is in the making.

Robert Kardashian used to troll Kim back in the day

“My dad used to always walk by me and he would be like, ‘Kimberly, can you close your mouth when you put mascara on’?,” Kim told Kylie. “He would say, ‘I bet there’s two things you can’t do in life: close your mouth when you are putting on mascara and walk by a mirror without looking in it.'”

Kylie has always liked to sing, long before ‘rise and shine’ became an unexpected internet hit

When asked what is something people don’t know about her, Jenner answered, “That I’m actually, like, really weird?” to which Kim responded with a smile, “No I think people know that. I was going to say that you like to sing but people know that now, too.” The quip was in reference to Jenner’s now-viral office tour video in which she sung the phrase “rise and shine” to daughter Stormi. Jenner took the opportunity in the tutorial to clear everything up, saying, “This is what people don’t understand – I’ve always sung everything. I sing-talk, [and have done] ever since I was younger. Now every time I sing people are like, ‘There will never be another ‘rise and shine’ and I’m like, leave me alone, I always sing.”

Kylie is all-singing, all-dancing

“Kylie used to love to dance like Shakira,” Kim said when asked about her favourite memory of Kylie. “I was blown away that she can move her stomach like Shakira did.” Jenner jumped in saying, “I’m actually not a bad dancer. I just do not like to dance in public.”

Oh, and she was also on the boys football team in high school at one point

“I’m really good at sports,” Kylie says in the video. “I was on the boys football team. Only flag, until they started tackling everybody and I was like, I’m out of here. I love track. I set the record for my school in high jump.”

If she wasn’t Kylie Jenner, she would be…

“A makeup artist. For real,” Kylie tells Kim. “I would really love it.”

Kim isn’t afraid to take aim at Kylie Cosmetics products

At one point in the clip, Jenner is trying to spray a setting mist onto a brush but is having trouble getting the mist to come out of the bottle. Laughing, Jenner says, “This is a new one,” whilst trying to coax the liquid out to no avail. After several seconds have passed, Kim jokes the product is “cheap sh*t.”

Kim covets Kylie Cosmetics products just as much as everyone else

After applying Kylie’s new lip duo shade in Girl’s Trip, Kim says, “I need this shade. I’m taking this,” before laughing and saying, “So I can copy it for KKW Beauty. Can you imagine?”

The Instagram rivalry is alive and well

When Kylie accidentally pulls out one of Kim’s lashes, she suggests that the pair make a wish on it. Kylie rescinds the offer at the last moment to which a playfully shocked Kim says, “What? I just wished that I would beat you on Instagram again, now my wish won’t come true.”

Watch it in full below: