Photography via Instagram/@morphebrushes

Jaclyn Hill and Morphe Are Releasing an Eyeshadow Vault and People Are Hyped

Morphe has blessed us with inexpensive, high-quality eyeshadow palettes for years now, releasing shades in every colour of the rainbow. But last year, they released a collab with makeup guru Jaclyn Hill and the beauty community collectively freaked out. The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette was a whole new formulation, and the colour scheme took literal years to figure out. It was a huge drop and one that went viral immediately.

Now, one year later, social media is buzzing again with the announcement of another collaboration. On June 26th, Morphe will be dropping the Jaclyn Hill Vault, a box containing not one, but four palettes: Dark Magic, Armed and Gorgeous, Bling Boss and Ring the Alarm. You can sign up on Morphe’s website now to get on a list that will notify you about the official drop time.

Over the past few years, as Hill worked tirelessly on her debut palette, she created hundreds of eyeshadow options (despite only having room for 35). This soon-to-be-released vault will include Hill’s favourite shadows that didn’t make it into the first palette (plus a few brand new ones). The four palettes have been separated into colour schemes. One focuses on red, warm tones–Hill’s staple shades– while the others are centred around yellow, purple and blue/green hues.

So, we’ve got 40 new eyeshadow shades in the same unique Jaclyn Hill x Morphe formula, the packaging has been updated to include mirrors and the exterior is a sleek white and silver finish. But here’s the real selling point–these palettes are only $20! You can buy the whole vault for $64! (Prices have been converted to Canadian dollars.)

Hill is hosting a meet and greet in Las Vegas this Saturday to celebrate the new launch, where she’ll be doing a city-wide early release of the products. We’re sure reviews will start going up quickly after, but if these palettes are anything like the first (which it sounds like they are) we can safely say that we expect great things.

Hill posted a full unveiling on her YouTube account.