Jaclyn Hill becca cosmetics feud
Photography via Instagram/jaclynhill

Jaclyn Hill And Becca Cosmetics Might Be Feuding

And it's all because of one Instagram post.

Jaclyn Hill and Becca Cosmetics’ Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector is probably one of the most successful beauty collaborations ever. Twenty-five thousand units of the product were sold within the first 20 minutes of its initial launch on sephora.com, and it continues to be a fave highlighter of beauty junkies everywhere.

However, it seems as though there may be trouble in paradise between the 26-year-old beauty vlogger and the Australian cosmetics brand, and it’s all because of one Instagram post.

Last week, @trendmoo1, an Instagram account largely known for unofficially leaking beauty launches, alluded to a standalone Prosecco Pop highlighter coming out in March. The shade, which is a successor of Champagne Pop, was originally introduced and sold in a limited-edition “Champagne Glow” palette.

Shortly after the post went up, Jaclyn commented, “Wow! This is news to me. Is this for real??? @beccacosmetics.” When one user asked the makeup guru if she was serious, Hill responded, “I’m literally in shock right now. I had absolutely NO idea.”

becca jaclyn hill feud
Photography via Instagram/trendmood1

Cue the “breakup” speculation.

YouTuber John Kuckian took to his channel to share his thoughts on the whole ordeal, immediately stating that while the credibility of the Instagram or the launch can’t be confirmed, the whole thing does seem “shady” and “suspicious” should it be true. He also noted that Jaclyn was noticeably absent at a recent influencer-filled party held by Becca in New York, which just adds to the tension.

Whisperings of strained relations between Jaclyn and Becca previously occurred when it was announced the highly-anticipated BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection eyeshadow palette would no longer be released. According to both the vlogger and the cosmetics brand, the eyeshadows “didn’t hit the mark,” as it received negative feedback for being dry, patchy and unblendable by subscribers who received the palette before the official launch.

Jaclyn also recently announced she would be collaborating with another beauty brand (Morphe Brushes) on a separate eyeshadow palette.

So are things really rocky between Becca and Jaclyn Hill? No one knows for sure, yet, but it most definitely seems plausible. Stay tuned!