How To Use Every Type of Highlighter So You Look Illuminated (Not Shiny)

Photography by Peter Stigter

We’re nearing that time of year when our self-made highlighter (erm, sweat) is getting ready to sneak its way out of our unintentional beauty routine. As the PSLs start moving in, so will the chilly breezes, meaning our delightfully balmy mugs are about to turn into the dry, dull variety, begging for a little post-summer glow.

Luckily for us, acquiring luminous skin is possible year round, thanks to the cosmetic gods for blessing us with crazy-effective highlighting products.

From easy-to-use pens made for precise application, to pressed compacts perfect for all-over coverage, there’s an array of formulas, textures and applicators to target any type of glow you’re looking for.

Flip through the slideshow for the lowdown on highlighters to keep that effortless summer glow going all year long.