Here’s Why You Might Recognize the Stars of Glossier Play’s Campaign

Glossier could announce they were releasing a pack of tissues, and the beauty internet would still salivate. And so, when the millennial-pink clad “skincare first, makeup second” company announced a few weeks ago that they were launching a cryptic sister brand called Glossier Play, Instagram swelled with intrigue and speculation. Are they selling sex toys? A music app? Some kind of selfie-friendly social destination that will take over our feeds?

Today, the curtain was lifted: they’re delving into colour, and in a big way. Glossier Play is a range of “dialed-up beauty extras” that introduces thick, non-biodegradable glitter, bright hues and high-shine lacquered lips, which is departure for the clean-faced Glossier girl. They’ve launched four products, in 28 shades, two tools and a dynamic campaign full of models, musicians and influencers to launch the colourful cosmetic line. Here’s what the products look like, and where you’ve seen the faces they’re shown on before:

Donté Colley

It was less than eight weeks ago that Toronto’s very own “Motivational Dancing Guy” catapulted to viral fame, charming the Internet with his positive energy, smooth moves and messages of optimism. In that time, Colley (who is the son of Leeanne Colley, owner of Tips Nail Bar) has appeared as a guest on Busy Philipps Tonight, met Will Smith and starred in a Hershey’s chocolate bar ad. When I interviewed the 21-year-old content creator in early January, he had 117k followers. Now, he has over 600k—including Leslie Jones, Netflix, Dua Lipa and Glossier.

The first thing that Glossier Play shared on their mysterious Instagram account was a reposted video from Colley’s profile. And so, it’s only fitting that his glossy, glittery face also appears in the brand’s inaugural campaign. Emojis and high energy, it seems, is the mood Glossier Play is going for.


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When in doubt, @GlossierPLAY. OK STORY TIME: Getting me wearing color is definitely outside of my comfort zone – I eventually do it but only after the rush of doubts like, honestly I could just stick to my classic cat eye, but ok fine! I had to rush to a dinner after this #ad shoot and still had this look on. I was a bit nervous – who goes to dinner with a major teal cat eye w/ glitter?! – but when I walked in, the FIRST person I met was @EmilywWeiss – founder/CEO of @Glossier! We gushed about the new line, the incredible magical humans featured in the campaign – and my GLAM look!! I remember laughing to myself – of course that just happened. So – lesson learned: when in doubt. PLAY. xx Photographer + Director: Charlotte Wales @charlottewales Makeup: Jen Myles @jenmyles Styling: Charlotte Collet @charlottecolletcollet

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Noor Tagouri

Noor Tagouri is a 25-year-old Libyan-American journalist, activist, and public speaker. She’s collaborated with multiple beauty and fashion brands in the past, including Gap, Reebok, Calvin Klein and Herbal Essences. Most recently, she was featured in a shirting-inspired fashion spread in American Vogue‘s February issue, where she was incorrectly identified her as Noor Bukhari, a Pakistani actor, director, and model. Tagouri made headlines when she shared a video of herself seeing the print issue for the first time on social media, showing her shift from excitement to disappointment, and calling attention to the fact that “misrepresentation and misidentification is a constant problem if you are Muslim in America.”


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@glossierplay @glossierplay @glossierplay!! proud to launch our campaign today🧡 photos by @charlottemwales make up by @jenmyles

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Troye Sivan

The South African-born, Australian-raised singer, released his debut EP back in 2007 when he was only 12-years-old. He followed it up with the release of his first album Blue Neighbourhood in 2015, and this past summer, he released Bloom, his most vulnerable and authentic sound to date.

It’s the combination of the 23-year-old’s warm voice and his unique gender-bending look, however, that has attracted 10 million people to his Instagram page. In our August 2018 interview with Sivan, he says his visuals is influenced by everyone from “Leigh Bowery to David Bowie to Madonna. His visuals, it seems, influence Glossier Play.


Scroll through the gallery below to see the Glossier Play products featured in the campaign images: