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According to Pinterest, This is the Hairstyle We All Want This Month

Chop, chop!

The bob is back, people.

With summer over and fall well and truly on its way, we’re craving ease and simplicity with our hair  – months of sun, salt and sea air have left our ends looking a little worse for wear and it could be time for a chop. And as it turns out, a whole lot of us are thinking about it. According to Pinterest, searches for blunt bob hairstyles are up 121 per cent this month.

Originating in the 1920s, the blunt bob has long been associated with classy, powerful women: think Anna Wintour, Michelle Obama and Coco Chanel. And there are plenty of benefits that come with giving your hair the big chop.

Jacinta Macey, stylist at Toronto’s Medulla & Co., says the blunt bob can give the illusion of thicker hair, in an instant. “The blunt bob style gives fullness to the hair by having a very defined line. It’s definitely a fantastic option for anyone with finer or lower density hair as it makes your hair look as thick as possible compared to longer cuts.” Plus “it can be universally flattering, depending on the length.” She adds, “As a general rule, most clients prefer to have the perimeter [the line of the haircut where the hair ends] below their chin. That way it doesn’t round out their face shape.”

In terms of maintenance, Jacinta says, “The maintenance is definitely higher than a longer cut. On average, your hair grows half an inch to a full inch a month. So if your hair sits two inches above your shoulders, in theory, within two months it will hit your shoulders and be sitting at the awkward ‘flip out’ stage. Generally speaking, my bob clients come in every two-three months for maintenance cuts.”

The biggest takeaway? Patience, when you want your longer locks back come summer 2020. “The hardest part is getting it past your shoulders,” says Jacinta. “From there you’re in lob heaven. I usually suggest that my clients continue to come for three month trims just to ‘dust’ the ends (which is basically an invisible haircut) and keep everything fresh. If you’re not trimming your hair, even if you’re growing it, it’s drying out, splitting, breaking off, and essentially cutting itself. So trusting a professional to guide you through while keeping your hairs health at the fore front is key!”

Ready to take the plunge? Here’s some inspiration to take with you to the salon chair:

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