Beauty notes: Greta Constantine’s haute dolls

By Andrea Victory

When M.A.C senior artist Melissa Gibson was given the description “Princess Voodoo Doll” for the Spring 2011 Greta Constantine collection, she looked to her copy of Haute Doll Magazine for inspiration.

Keeping the theme in mind, but also making sure the look was “not too literal, more spring, fresh and soft,” Gibson rounded out the eyes by contouring the crease and dragging the taupe-y grey tones underneath and downward, then highlighting the ball of the eyelid to attract light and reinforce the roundness.

The models’ brows were kept light with a dusting of M.A.C Studio Sculpt Foundation and brushed upwards to give a doll-like sensibility, while cheeks were gently flushed underneath with a barely-there pinkish-brown. The idea of the dolls as unfinished and discarded prompted Gibson to press on a mix of M.A.C’s “Russian Red” and “Full Chocolate” lipstick with her finger. “You get colour, but it’s almost as if the paint chipped away a little bit,” she said. The dainty yet disheveled look was taken a little more literally by Adrian Carew of Hair 2 Inc. Referencing Russian dolls’ painted on hair, he used Schwarzkopf’s OSiS+ Grip Super Hold Mousse to flatten hair to the head and body, then created waves to add texture.

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