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This Week’s Need-to-Know Beauty News

Hint: Selena Gomez is still the queen of Instagram.

Herbal Essences announces new tactile markings to help vision-impaired consumers 

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We're so excited to be partnering with @mollyburkeofficial to talk about the importance of accessability for the vision impaired community: " I have a VERY exciting announcement! As of January 2020 @herbalessences is going to expand their tactile differentiators to all of their shampoo and conditioner bottles – stripes for shampoo and circles for conditioner. Having such a huge brand do something like this is a big step in the right direction for the blind community and they aren’t stopping there. Herbal Essences is working towards building a more screen reader accessible website, using photo descriptions using Alt Text on their Instagram, and working with Alexa to provide specific information about their product line including which products will suit your hair type, and where to buy it. You can even use the @bemyeyesapp to connect with a specially trained Herbal Essences brand rep to help you navigate the product line even further as a blind consumer. I’ve never seen a brand take a commitment to accessibility so seriously and I’m honored to be a part of bringing awareness to this commitment of equality. This is only the beginning and I hope to continue to work with the brand to improve on what they’ve already started. @herbalessences #plantpowerineveryshower” . . . #accessibility #alttext #accessibility #imagedescription [Photo Description: Molly is standing smiling broadly and proudly as she holds Herbal Essence Honey & Vitamin B bottles in her hands. She is wearing a yellow fluffy sweater and yellow pants. In the second photo there is a close up shot of the markings on the bottles- stripes for shampoo and circles for conditioner. The third photo is with Molly and Sam Latif, Accessibility leader at P&G.

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In recognition of World Sight Day on October 10, Herbal Essences announced new plans to make its packaging more inclusive to the 500,000 Canadians living with low or no vision. Beginning in January 2020, all of the brand’s shampoos and conditioners “will have tactile differentiations to alleviate in-shower confusion and help consumers, especially those with low vision, confidently perform daily tasks,” according to a release. The tactile differentiations include raised stripes on shampoo and circles on conditioner. Plus, the brand will also make its website accessible for its vision impaired consumers by December of this year with updates designed to make the experience easier for those using screen reader. The changes have been led by Sumaira Latif, P&G’s accessibility leader, who herself is blind. In the release, Latif explains, “A universal tactile marking seems like such a small thing, and yet as a blind woman it’s the little things that make such a big difference in my life. I’m excited to broaden the positive impact this has had for the vision impaired community and deliver on our mission to help everyone experience the positive power of nature every day.” The brand has also tapped Canadian YouTube star Molly Burke to create “inspiring content related to overcoming daily beauty challenges”. Of the collaboration, Burke said, “I know one of the most difficult things for me as a beauty and lifestyle creator has been finding products with cognizant packaging and designing a routine that works for me. I hope this content will serve as a helping hand for those who are figuring that out.”

Amanda Seyfried was named as the newest Lancôme ambassador

Luxury French beauty brand Lancôme announced its newest global ambassador this week: actress Amanda Seyfried. The brand described the Mamma Mia actress as “a true Lancôme woman” who brings “her natural beauty and unequaled zest for life to our world” and “perfectly represents our values.” On her appointment, Seyfried said in a release, “It’s hugely exciting to be welcomed to this incredible family of women ambassadors, all so different and yet all so united in their mission to represent Lancôme, while also embodying the positive virtues and values that empower and bring happiness and self-fulfillment to women around the world.” She joins fellow ambassadors Julia Roberts, Penélope Cruz and Kate Winslet in the role, and will appear in campaigns from 2020.

Thinx released an ad depicting a world in which men got periods

Thinx, the brand behind period underwear, released a viral ad campaign this week whose premise centred on a world in which men got their period. Called “MENstruation”, the ad showed men in a variety of situations almost every woman has found herself in at some point: with a tampon string hanging out of her underwear, telling her parents her first period came, blood stained sheets, checking for stains on her pants in the bathroom mirror. The ad ends with the statement, “If we all had them, maybe we’d be more comfortable with them.” Speaking with AdWeek, Siobhan Lonergan, the chief brand officer at Thinx, said, “Part of our DNA is to start conversations and open up subjects we haven’t been able to open up before. If we all had periods, would we be more comfortable about them? And so we used certain vignettes and placed them in everyday situations really to highlight some of the challenges we all face with periods.”

Selena Gomez posted a make-up free selfie and got eight million likes

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Me, all the time

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Earlier this week, Selena Gomez posted a rare image on Instagram – and her fans were quick to respond. All eight million of them in fact. Gomez captioned the sleepy, make-up free snap, “Me, all the time” and it quickly racked up millions of likes on the platform. At last count, she was nearing 8.5 million in total. Could this snap win her the ‘most liked post’ title for another year? We’ll let you know.