5 signs of an at-home dye job gone wrong (and how to fix them)

at home dye job
Photography by Peter Stigter

After a bit of trial and error, we now understand pretty well that things on TV aren’t always what they seem. Need proof? Ask anyone who’s ever tried an at-home dye job.

Now, we’re not saying it’s impossible to get Sofia Vergara-esque locks from a box. It’s just that our results tend to look more #PinterestFail than your typical glossy mane hair dye ad. The reason? Well, chances are it’s not the product itself, but the executer. Yeah, you.

But that’s no excuse to throw in the DIY towel just yet. After all, dyeing your own mane is a serious cost-saver, plus it gets you out of spending hours in the salon chair.
And so, to help you make the most of your at-home, budget-friendly experience, we’re outlining the reasons why it can be obvious you dyed your hair yourself, and how to avoid these common mistakes to achieve salon-worthy results.

From stains on your scalp to too-bright roots, flip through the slideshow to find out how to prevent yourself from the heartache of accidentally channeling a Beauty School Dropout.