Afternoon beauty fix: Say goodbye to a brassy DIY dye

I touched up my roots with an at-home box dye, but now my icy-blonde colour looks brassy. How can I salvage my faux Scandinavian-ness without breaking the bank?
Maintaining dyed hair can be hard on the wallet and demand a DIY fix based on budget alone. And while the ombre look is popular, it takes more than a few months away from the dye bottle to achieve it—and the waiting period is not so pretty. When it comes down to it, regular touch-ups become a certifiable must to keep your blonde (or other bold colour) looking its best. While professionals can stabilize brassy results with a salon-grade toner, there’s also help available for the at-home crowd: violet-tinted shampoo. We suggest BC Hairtherapy Color Save True Silver Shampoo ($13, at as the the perfect ying to a brassy yang. It will tone hair within three showers by enveloping your strands in purple pigment—and it works on blondes, brunettes, and redheads too.

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