Afternoon beauty fix: How to give your hair colour a boost during winter months

Why do I love my hair colour in the summer but not in the winter? I colour it the same shade all year!
In the winter, we’re affected by more than a drop in temperature: our skin washes out due to the lack of sun, we wear darker colours, and we spend way more time indoors. These things considered, it makes sense for your beloved colour to appear lackluster during the cooler months. So how best to combat a dull dye? Brighten your complexion by boosting your shade a few notches. Cool blonde tones are best when warmed up with golden ribbons of colour, and brunettes can illuminate their hair with the addition of chestnut-brown shades. Ask your colourist to add a few highlights or lowlights for extra depth, or go it alone with a demi-permanent dye like Clairol Natural Instincts creme ($13, at drugstores). If you’re not comfortable colouring your own hair, slather on a colour-saving hair mask or deep conditioner between salon visits. Phyto Restructuring Mask for coloured hair ($38, at Sephora), which will protect your dye from progressive degradation with proteins, citrus, and no pesky sulfates.

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