TIFF 2014: Greta Gerwig wore an awesome pink dress to the premiere of The Humbling

Photography by Giordano Ciampini

Photography by Giordano Ciampini

TIFF is a time for happiness and joy and the occasional walk-by past famous people’s hotels (not that anyone here is admitting to that), so how great is it to see one of the festival’s most exciting actors embodying that positivity so much?

Greta Gerwig stunned in a knee-length pink Balenciaga dress at the premiere of The Humbling last night, which is the only piece at the festival that will trump Al Pacino’s scarf. (The man can accessorize.)

The dress was paired with white open-toed shoes and a black clutch (also Balenciaga) and topped off with understated Liv Hayley jewels. It’s always nice to see this sort of playfulness on the red carpet. I mean, we get it, film is serious. But making and promoting movies is fun, so why not dress to fit the vibe?

That’s why this photo of Gerwig is so perfect. On top of her Jetsons-meets-Pan Am ensemble, she’s glowing. And not in the celebrity gossip column, mommy blogger type of way: she looks excited to be there – or more specifically, she looks the way we’d look if we got to do the same thing: really, really happy. Specifically, she looks as happy as Al Pacino, who’s proof that the red carpet doesn’t always need to be defined by smoldering “We make films, not movies” stares.

The red carpet is also a great place for colour (in addition to red – hey-o!). So while neutral and/or dramatic tones are safe, reliable, and at worst “fine,” colours like Gerwig’s draw you in. They’re cheerful and a reminder that formality doesn’t have to be limited to sleeveless black gowns with trains. You can have fun, you can enjoy your evening, and you can wear bubblegum pink because you have earned it.

If that’s the colour you want to wear, anyway. It looks like Gerwig is pretty pleased with her choice.