Meet the Real Housewives of Toronto

The wait is finally over.

Slice has just announced the final casting of The Real Housewives of Toronto, and we can’t wait to watch the first episode.

Ever since the news broke last summer that our city would be getting its very own Real Housewives, everyone has been on the edge of their seats wondering (and placing bets) on whom would be part of the high-society drama. While a couple of our projections didn’t pan out, judging from this lineup, we won’t be disappointed.

If you’re a loyal fan of the Real Housewives franchise, you know how the show works. While exact details have yet to be released, we do know that the highly-anticipated series will be following the lives of the six housewives (albeit Toronto’s most privileged and power-hungry) from Toronto to Muskoka. We even hear they they might be heading to Barcelona. There’s no doubt we’ll be getting a juicy sneak peek into the life of Toronto’s elite, thus seeing our city in a whole new light.

The show isn’t slated to debut until Tuesday, March 7 at 10 p.m. EST on Slice, so in the meantime, get to know the cast of the Real Housewives of Toronto as we talk to them about the glitzy gowns they chose for an exclusive photo shoot.