Personality Quiz Tells Kim Kardashian: “You’re More Like Chrissy Teigen”

Are you stylish like Kim, or wild like Chrissy?

Everyone knows that Internet quizzes are the only space for us to discover our truest selves — even Kim Kardashian.

Last night, Kardashian tweeted a link to Buzzfeed’s “Are you more Kim Kardashian or Chrissy Teigen?” quiz and suggested she and Teigen each take it. The celeb bffs share a lot in common: they’re both moms, both wives, both public figures, and both brown-eyed women. Obviously, they have their differences too; we wound’t have this very important test of personality without the things that make Chrissy Teigen a Chrissy, and Kim Kardashian a Kim.

Shortly after, she posted her result: “You are exactly like Chrissy— wild, the life of the party, and someone who says what’s on their mind!”

Hmmm…maybe “pick a snack”, “pick a shoe”, and “pick a nail colour” aren’t the telltales signs of personality that we always thought them to be. Does this mean I’m not actually meant to move in Fiji? Am I not actually meant to adopt a pug? Buzzfeed, you have some explaining to do.

For those wondering, if you end up getting Kardashian, here’s what you’ll get:

For those who haven’t already, we highly suggest you take the quiz. Who knows? You might find out you’re more like Kim Kardashian than Kim Kardashian herself.