Party pics: See our favourite looks from Holt Renfrew’s Tommy Ton fête

Tommy Ton takes a turn in front of the lens. Photography by Kira Crugnale

A party at Holt Renfrew in honour of shoes and a fashion blogger almost sounds too cliché to be true. It probably would be if Holt Renfrew couldn’t pull that kind of thing off (which they did) and if the attendees weren’t suckers for shoes (which we are).

It was in honour of a certain Tommy Ton, the Toronto-native behind the lens and blog, Jak & Jil, which features photo essays about the genius of Phoebe Philo and snaps of the likes of Anna Dello Russo, Kate Lanphear and who ever else happens to be dressed in the kind of couture we spend our days dreaming about.

As expected at a party for a top tier style photog, the attendees–which included designers Jeremy Laing, Philip Sparks and Greta Constantine‘s designers Stephen Wong and Kirk Pickersgill, as well as Dan Levy, Devon Soltendieck, and various members of the Fritz Helder crew–were literally out-shoeing each other in an attempt to get their face, or rather, footwear, in front of Ton’s lens. So naturally, with wedges, spikes and stilettos (all sky-high) gracing Holts’ shoe section, the event turned out to be a goldmine of great looks. See some of our favourites below.

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