Look me in my smize: Tyra Banks stars in P’Trique’s latest #totesamaze video

P’Trique was understandably a bit miffed when Tyra Banks had glossed over him for the revamped return of America’s Next Top Model, but thanks to a little campaigning and a lot of tooching, P’Trique’s dreams of appearing on ANTM’s 19th season have come true.

To commemorate the new #totesamaze partnership, Banks (or “Ty,” as P’Trique calls her) teamed up with everyone’s favourite bearded fashionista for a little teaser video. While Banks’ acting skills are questionable to say the least (does the made-for-TV treasure Life-Size refresh your memories at all?), the clip is full of P’Trique one-liners, including a tender moment between the two at the end: “Look me in my smize….you are perfect.”

If there was any question about us tuning in for the season’s debut this fall, we’re definitely fully on board now. Check out the video for yourself and try to resist being wooed by P’Trique’s expert smize—he’s a total natural.