Everything That Upset the Internet This Week

Here it is: your weekly dose of Internet outrage. From the latest Kardashian Insta-post to a questionably named clothing brand here’s a roundup of the controversies you might have missed this week.

Kim Kardashian’s latest nude was taken by North West

THE STORY: Body-positive photos on Kim K’s Instagram aren’t usually something that spark conversation. At this point, we’ve pretty much seen it all from the middle Kardashian sister. But her most recent post is a little different: it was snapped by her and Kanye West’s 4-year-old daughter, North. And in the photo, it appears that Kim was in the middle of taking off or putting on her bra.


RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE RAGE: Did Kim ask North to take the photo? Was it North’s idea? Was the whole thing candid, or was it staged? It probably doesn’t matter, because the Kardashians will stir up controversy no matter what they do or say. And isn’t that kind of the point? To keep us talking? So if you aren’t a fan, just click unfollow.

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Black Panther got its first bad review

THE STORY: When Marvel’s groundbreaking new superhero movie first premiered to critics, it received nothing but rave reviews — until now. The film’s first 3-star review came from Independent.ie, who wrote: “‘What [Black Panther] doesn’t get to do much of is jump around beating-up bad guys. That’s a shame. Marvel has finally given us an African superhero. The hope surely was that he would be allowed do superheroic things.”


RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE RAGE: The review wasn’t necessarily racist or Marvel bashing — the critic simply didn’t love the film. Which is totally okay! It’s okay to have opinions.

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ASOS is carrying a brand called ‘Noose & Monkey’

THE STORY: Twitter users have recently called out ASOS for carrying products from Noose & Monkey, a brand name some believe to have negative racial connotations. The UK-based e-retailer has carried the brand since 2013.


RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE RAGE: Words have power — but only the power we give them. Sometimes it’s possible to read too far into things, or not to read far enough. Nooseandmonkey.com explains that the brand’s name derives from folklore:

“Noose & Monkey is a story of mistaken identity and disguise. During the Napoleonic wars, the crew of a French naval vessel dressed their pet monkey in an officers uniform. After being shipwrecked off Hartlepool, the monkey was discovered on the beach. The locals, assuming he was a Frenchman and therefore an enemy spy, interrogated and eventually hung him in the town square.

To this current day Hartlepool has been well known for this story which has now become folklore.

The brand looks at the truth and the lie, the innocent and guilty, the Noose and the Monkey. Our concept is to focus on the two sides of every story and every man, and to play with twisting those sides.”

ASOS has since removed the brand from their site.