Katy Perry Debuts her Latest Single “Chained to the Rhythm” in the Best Way Possible

After posting a new-ish look on Instagram, confirming her spot on the performance list at this Sunday’s Grammys and teasing us with this cryptic tweet, Katy Perry finally reveals that she’ll be dropping a new single. Cue the angel music.

While artists usually release their newly-minted singles on iTunes or YouTube, the multi-Platinum artist is doing her promotions a little differently this time around. Technically, her latest single, “Chained to the Rhythm,” isn’t set to officially drop until Friday, February 10, but today she’s giving fans a chance to get first dibs. Hoping everyone will come out of their “bubbles” for one day, Perry has placed disco balls all over the world, so KatyCats can literally plug in (their headphones) and listen to her latest track. (Guys, the disco ball even has its own Snapchat geo-filter.)

Fans are obviously freaking out right now. See below for proof:

Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square also got the honour of being the only Canadian location to host Perry’s disco ball. Run, don’t walk.

But for the KatyCat fans that don’t have the op to visit the disco ball, they are not disheartened, judging from these memes.

Props for being creative.