Kate watch: Longtime royal photographer Sam Hussein on why our dear Duchess is always so picture perfect

Photography by Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

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We’d always assumed Kate Middleton was a natural in front of cameras, but now we have proof: Sam Hussein, a royal photographer who has been with the royal family since 2006, recently told Vogue UK one thing (among many) that the brunette beauty has going for her is her natural smile.

“She’s always smiling and it’s a very natural smile, which doesn’t seem forced like you get with a lot of high-profile figures,” Hussein told Vogue UK. “[…] She’s pretty, very natural and is always so well-presented. I have taken thousands of photos of her from all angles and I can say that she hardly ever looks bad or miserable in photos. She has a great smile and that’s what the public associate with her.”

Hussein also traveled alongside the royal couple to Canada for their post-wedding royal tour. Having spent so much time with them during their newlywed-bliss-phase, he was able to validate our strong-held belief that they’re the most adorable couple on the planet.

“What was very clear was that they were very much in love and comfortable with each other . . . Both seemed genuinely thrilled to be spending time together and travelling around a different country. They were always smiling and looking out for one another […],” Hussein said.

Though Hussein said Kate may be growing weary of the flurry of press flashbulbs (a sentiment that may have rubbed off of Prince William after the death of his mother), that hasn’t seemed to stop her from looking picture perfect in nearly every image taken of her. Maybe renowned sour-faced starlets (ahem, Kristen Stewart) should take a leaf out of Kate’s book: a natural smile à la Kate seems to go a long way.