Jennifer Garner Sets the Record Straight on the People Magazine Story

For years, Jennifer Garner has had to tolerate a relationship with the tabloids that has swayed from mildly annoying to downright contentious. Actually, from the sounds of it, it might not be too unlike her marriage to Ben Affleck. We kid, we kid. I’m sure it was beautiful before all the gambling and (fake) flaming eagle tattoos.

The Oscar-nominated actress has been making headlines recently thanks to her finally finalized divorce from Affleck, her husband of more than ten years and father to her three children. Magazines, newspapers and television stations from all over the world blaring your most private, personal news for all to see/hear? Typical fare for a seasoned celeb like Garner. Except, not many outlets had to deal with a backlash from the star herself.

In a Facebook post (she’s such a mom) Garner, who coolly admits that one poorly sourced tabloid story “isn’t a tragedy by any measure, but it does affect me and my family,” then quickly rips apart this week’s People cover and feature story about her divorce, saying she didn’t pose for it or “participate in or authorize” anything in the story. In addition to reclaiming her image, the 45-year-old also had to shoot down tabloid rumours that she may be pregnant with twins, though those claims were not included in the People article.

Wanting to “set the record straight,” Garner maintains that her family is complete, despite the “Life After Heartbreak” headline.

Luckily for People, Garner has always been one of the classier Hollywood women. One more ridiculous article like this and she might be taking them to court.

Of course, that’s just tabloid fodder.