This Carpool Karaoke with Victoria Beckham Is Not Like the Others

James Corden normally follows a pretty strict format for his Carpool Karaokes: He and the star drive around town, stop at a few lights and belt out famous songs. But for his latest one, which goes down with Victoria Beckham, the segment takes on a cinematic twist. The duo recreate the 1987 film Mannequin, in which an artist (played by Andrew McCarthy) falls in love with a mannequin (Kim Cattrall) that he spots in a shop window. He goes on to get a job as a window dresser at the store, where he dreams up stunning looks for his lover to wear.

In Posh and Corden’s take on the film, you see him talking to and laughing with the mannequin in the stockroom as a janitor looks on—the animated Beckham is plasticized in the janitor’s eyes. “I want to be with others like me,” she tells Corden. “I’m just so lonely.”

Corden whisks the mannequin away, much to the store security’s dismay, and puts her in his SUV. That’s where the singing starts.

They only chose one hit—just one?!—to sing, but watch the short clip below to spice up your life.